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Control State Law Details

The State of Alabama keeps the market at arms length for small instate wineries. Compare Alabama Winery Law to that of other states. Small wineries can only sell from a tasting room.

Maine, a control state, had small winery laws validated in U.S. Federal Court and, the Attorney General of ALABAMA signed an Amicus brief supporting Maine's law. -ALL FEDERAL BRIEFS-

Control States

Alabama along with 18 states operate Alcohol Control Boards to purchase, wholesale, and price liquor. This seven decade old system is represented by the National Alcohol Beverage Control Association. Five of these states also control table wines as liquor.

The "OTHER" Control States

These states are just like Alabama where high alcohol liquor is sold through ABC stores, beer and wine is regulated. These states have specific Modified Three-tier system Winery laws detailing self-distribution, tasting rooms, or farmers market sales.

Idaho Winery Wholesale
Iowa Native Wines
Maine Farm Winery**
Maryland Small Winery
Michigan Wine Maker
Montana Winery**
North Carolina**
Ohio Winery
Oregon Winery**
Vermont Retail
Virginia Winery
Virginia Wholesale
Washington Winery
West Virginia Winery

Wine in State Stores Only
The remaining control states require wine be sold at a state store, then instate wineries have retail access because distribution of All wine is by the state to all retail stores.

New Hampshire**
Utah Winery License
Utah Small Winery
Utah Type 5 Package
Utah Type 5 Holders

Alabama Native Farm Wine Act repealed in 2001 under misinformation. Supreme Court rules on this in 2003. Repealed Alabama Chapter 28 - 6

Alabama Supreme Court addressed the right's of Alabama wineries and directed the Legislature to action. Henri Duval, LLC v. Alabama Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC)

Control States

Alabama Winery Legislation is being discussed in Montgomery, and we ask that you inform yourself of the details below and if so inclined contact your House Member or Senator directly by email asking for support.

You can accomplish this by 1) finding your State Legislators by ZIP Code and , 2) Following up with a positive phone message for Farm Winery Legislation.

Our target bill supports the Three-Tier System by allowing a winery to "hold" a 2nd farm winery license allowing retail sales, additional locations, and wine festivals.

.The following is a brief summary:

  • A Farm Winery production cap of 50,000 gallons each year.

  • A Farm Winery can obain two (2) tasting rooms outlets for Produced and Bottled By wine.

  • Sell at retail in tasting rooms, and sell wine to all retail license holders.

  • A Farm Winery can participate in local festivals as allowed by the local governing body.

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